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Homeowner's Class FAQ

You will get a Certificate of Completion after taking 8 hours of class and meeting for 1 hour for 1 on 1 coaching. This Certificate of Completion is sent to the Housing Authorities of your tribe and or any lender you are interested in getting a mortgage with. This Certificate of Completion allows you to apply for lending or grants as needed to move forward. This class teaches you life skills such as financial planning, understanding credit, and the barriers to homeownership on Indian Country. This class is a starting point to meet on coaching, and the coaching sets up your individual plan.

WRDF is offering this class free to those that sign up, this is made possible by working with Northern Arapaho Tribal Housing Authority and Eastern Shoshone Tribal Housing Authority. It is first come, first serve and would cost between $75 to $150 through other programs. We ask that you bring yourself both days and take it as seriously as you would any academic course.

WRDF is committed to providing this class 4 times a year and within each quarter. The first classes will be in March, June, September and November. We will post the class dates annually on our Classes and Events Page

You sign up by contacting Shila Kazee at or calling our 307-335-7330. You will need to provide your email, a mailing address and updated phone number. The reason being, we might need to cancel the event and we mail and email updated information about the class. 

This class is offered in person at the Frank B. Wise Complex at Fort Washakie. The physical address is #3 Ethete Road, Fort Washakie, WY 82514. 

Yes, anyone that needs to take this class to learn how to buy a house on or off Indian Country.

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